Taiwan Tech Trek 2016 for Overseas Taiwanese Youths

Taiwan Tech Trek 2016 for Overseas Taiwanese Youths


Ministry of Science and Technology, in cooperation with Academia Sinica, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Overseas Community Affairs Council, Ministry of Health and Welfare, Environmental Protection Administration, Youth Development Administration, Council of Agriculture, National Applied Research Laboratories, and Taiwan Foundation for Democracy is pleased to announce an exciting internship program, Taiwan Tech Trek 2016 for overseas Taiwanese youths interested in hands-on internship or research experiences in Taiwan. Opportunities will be available to interns at outstanding research institutes, famous science parks, national laboratories, universities, national museums, and high-tech companies.

This program is part of the Taiwan government’s overall effort to recruit new generations of overseas Taiwanese for the purpose of raising Taiwan’s overall competitiveness. This generation possesses the language abilities, professional expertise, and international savvy that are advantageous to Taiwan’s S&T industries and manpower needs. Building a strategic liaison with this generation can create an academic and social network between Taiwan’s industries and overseas Taiwanese youths, infuse fresh energy into Taiwan’s workforce, and ultimately increase international participation for Taiwan.

Taiwan’s advantages

Taiwan enjoys a vibrant economy and an excellent technological environment. As a major world player in manufacturing technology, Taiwan is one of the largest information hardware producers for semiconductors, optoelectronics, and information and communication products. Taiwan offers an excellent and dynamic environment for interns to gain hands-on experience.

Experience vibrant Taiwan

Apart from gaining valuable professional training, a summer in Taiwan provides an ideal opportunity for overseas Taiwanese to explore their roots, learn local culture, improve language skills, and even connect with relatives in Taiwan!

About the program

TTT 2016 is an eight-week program beginning late-June 2016. Around 230~280 youths of Taiwanese ancestry aged 18~30 will be recruited from various countries through a selective application process. Interns will participate in a six-day group orientation (Jun 19th 2016 to Jun 24th 2016) and thereafter proceed to their designated internship positions throughout Taiwan for seven weeks of internship (Jun 27th 2016 to Aug 11th 2016). The orientation will take place from Jun 19th 2016 to Jun 24th 2016, and it is compulsory for all participants. If there are any schedule complications, please do not apply.

Every participant will be required to sign a letter finalize the acceptance.

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