Innvoation And Collaboration With Banner Research In Arizona

Banner Research Project in Arizona
On September 14, 2013, AZ-TW Society of Technology presented the first annual conference at ASU Foundation. The 2013 Symposium on Technology of Future was very successful. In the event, Director Mr. Brian Browne of Banner Research signed an agreement with AZ-TW to offer 14 Taiwanese to do research at Banner Research Center facility in Arizona.

This agreement allows medical researchers from Taiwan to bring in their knowledge using Banner Research’s advanced equipment, and will eventually provide research results for Banner Research to incorporate into their medical treatment and practice.

This medical research collaboration project is scheduled to start in June 2014. Stay tune for the future announcement about the project.

Find out more about the agreement by downloading the signed contract.

台亞科技交流學會於2013年9月14日在亞利桑那州立大學基金會舉辦了第一次年度技術研討會。 此次的技術研討會非常成功. 在活動現場, Banner Research的主任Brian Browne先生與台亞科技交流學會簽署了一項協議, Banner Research將提供10位台灣相關研究人員在Banner Research亞利桑那州的研究中心做相關研究.

這項協議允許從台灣來的醫學研究人員交換相關知識及使用Banner Research研究中心的先進設備,  並最終將研究成果納入創新醫療和臨床運用.

這項醫學研究合作計劃將於2014年6月開始. 請密切留意研究合作計劃的進一步消息.

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