Hong Young

Dr. Hong YoungHong Young was born in 1955. He received his B.S. degree from the National Taiwan University (NTU) in 1977. He went on pursuing higher degree at the University of New South Wales and was awarded his Ph.D in 1986, all in mechanical/manufacturing engineering. The areas of his research interest cover machining theory development, computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) with 5-axia machine tool applications, micro-fabrication by femto-second laser technology, precision grinding on Silicon wafers, and mechanical system integration. His close collaboration with semiconductor industry has extended the research applications to wafer thinning, and the area of Through Silicon Via (TSV) for 3D-IC integration.

From 1996 to 2001, Dr. Young had managed the National Project on “Commercial Pilot Training Program”, assigned by the Ministry of Communication and Transportation. More than 60 cadets were successfully trained in Australia and the States, and are all servicing in major airlines in Taiwan. Dr. Young was wanted to fill in the CEO position in Taiwan government cabinet in charge of national aviation safety in 2005. He returned to NTU campus in 2009 after a full term service. Now he is serving as a board member of the Society of Manufacturing Engineering (SME), Taiwan Chapter. He also serves as a senior consultant to the Ministry of Economy (MOE) in promoting European 7th Framework Program (EU-FP7) to Taiwan industries for killer applications. Dr. Young currently takes the initiatives to promote Central Taiwan Science Park (CTSP), with an aim to attract companies with leading technologies to set up their RD and/or fabrication sites on this well-planned/developed area invested by government funding.