Taiwan Tech Trek 2016 for Overseas Taiwanese Youths

Taiwan Tech Trek 2016 for Overseas Taiwanese Youths


Ministry of Science and Technology, in cooperation with Academia Sinica, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Overseas Community Affairs Council, Ministry of Health and Welfare, Environmental Protection Administration, Youth Development Administration, Council of Agriculture, National Applied Research Laboratories, and Taiwan Foundation for Democracy is pleased to announce an exciting internship program, Taiwan Tech Trek 2016 for overseas Taiwanese youths interested in hands-on internship or research experiences in Taiwan. Opportunities will be available to interns at outstanding research institutes, famous science parks, national laboratories, universities, national museums, and high-tech companies.

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AZ-TW Society of Technology Visited Banner Research Facility

On Friday Feb. 21, 2014, AZ-TW representatives Ms. Angela Yin Cesal, Dr. Wei-Tek Tsai, and Ms. Wendy Karahalios visited Banner Research COO Cynthia Guinn and Mr. Brian Browne at Sun City. Each party expressed their support for the Banner-Taiwan research program and discussed potential future projects.

After the meeting, Mr. Brian Browne showed the Banner Memorial Brain Bank to AZ-TW representatives. He first brought the team to the storage room with refrigerators that store brain tissues at temperature -80F, then to the laboratory where Banner scientists worked on brain tissues. Finally he then showed a brain tissue to illustrate Alzheimer diseases. Banner Research has the largest brain tissue bank in the world with large amount of data for scientists to perform research.


Wendy, Angela, Cynthia, and Brian Browne in Cynthia’s office.

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AZ-TW Society of Technology Met With TECO And NTU President

AZ-TW Chair Ms. Angela Yin Cesal met National Taiwan University President Yang at Los Angeles on Feb. 19, 2014 with Ambassador Bruce J. D. Linghu and Director Richard Chang of TECO.

駐洛杉磯台北經濟文化辦事處處長令狐榮達,與科技組組長張揚展,於2014年2月19日和台亞科技交流學會主席 尹衍桓女士,在洛杉磯拜會臺灣大學楊泮池校長。


Left: Ambassador Bruce J. D. Linghu of TECO. Middle: AZ-TW Chair Ms. Angela Yin Cesal. Right: National Taiwan University President Yang

AZ-TW Society of Technology Met With President Of Taiwan In LA

AZ-TW Chair Ms. Angela Yin Cesal attended a dinner party hosted by President Ying-Jeou Ma of Republic of China on Jan. 28, 2014 at Los Angeles, California when the President made a short stop in the U.S. before going back to Taiwan for the Chinese New Year. The dinner was also attended by many political, business, and community leaders in the U.S. and in Taiwan.

中華民國總統馬英九先生於中國年前夕短暫訪問美國,並於2014年1月28日在加州洛杉磯舉辦晚宴。台亞科技交流學會(AZ-TW Society of Technology) 主席尹衍桓女士與台美兩方政治、商業和社區領袖受邀出席晚宴。

NCKU Visited AZTW, ASU And Banner Research

Prof. Chris Lee, Director of International Relations of National Cheng-Kung University (NCKU), visited AZ-TW, ASU and Banner on Jan. 14 and 15.

He met Banner scientist Dr. Kewei Chen, and visited ASU College of Engineering Jeff Goss and School of Biological and Health Systems Engineering (SBHSE) (Dr. Marco Santello, Dr. Vincent Pizziconi, Bruce Towe).

Prof. Lee is also an SAB member of AZ-TW.NCKU Visited AZTW, ASU
Prof. Vincent Pizziconi of ASU (left) and Prof. Chris Lee of NCKU (right).

AZ-TW Visited ITRI For Future Collaboration

AZ-TW Vice Chair W. T. Tsai visited the Medical Device and Biomedical Technologies division of ITRI (Industrial Technology Research Institute – 工研院) in Taiwan on Dec. 25, 2013.  This is a milestone event for AZ-TW to establish future collaboration and innovation between Arizona and Taiwan. itri meeting dec 25 2013
Left to Right: Dr. Liau, Dr. Mike, Dr. Tsai (AZ-TW Vice Chair), VP/Director Dr. Shau and Dr. Young

2013 Year End Update

First of all, we would like to greet everyone a very warm Merry Christmas and a happy wonderful New Year 2014. AZ-TW board directors have been working very hard and dedicated to bring more great news to the society of Technology. Here are some new exciting announcements we would like to share.
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AZ-TW Visited Tunghai University

AZ-TW Vice Chair Wei-Tek Tsai and Prof. Hong Young of National Taiwan University visited Tunghai University (THU) on Dec. 12, 2013 at TaiChuang. Both were greeted by President Tang of THU 湯銘哲校長, Vice President Chao of THU 巢志成副校長, Dean of Research Dr. Tsay 研發長蔡瑞明教授, and other faculty members of THU for AZ-TW collaboration.

On the same day in the evening, Vice President Chao 巢志成副校長also met AZ-TW Chair Angela Yin Cesal at New Taipei City 新北市 in the evening of Dec. 12, 2013. THU expressed their interest in working with Arizona and may visit Arizona in 2014 to firm up collaboration plan.

TungHai University
Left #4: Vice President Chao巢志成副校長(Tunghai University), left #5: Prof. Hong Young(National Taiwan University), left #6: AZ-TW Vice Chair Dr. Tsai, left #6: President Tang 湯銘哲校長(Tunghai University), left #8: Dean of Research Dr. Tsay 研發長蔡瑞明教授(Tunghai University).

Innvoation And Collaboration With Banner Research In Arizona

Banner Research Project in Arizona
On September 14, 2013, AZ-TW Society of Technology presented the first annual conference at ASU Foundation. The 2013 Symposium on Technology of Future was very successful. In the event, Director Mr. Brian Browne of Banner Research signed an agreement with AZ-TW to offer 14 Taiwanese to do research at Banner Research Center facility in Arizona.

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2013 Symposium On The Bright Future

2013 Symposium on Technology for the Future
AZ-TW Society of Technology’s first annual symposium is finally over, but it’s just the beginning of a long journey. We would like to thank everyone of our wonderful hosts ASU Foundation and National Science Council. We would also like to thank our many honorary speakers, our supporting guests and volunteers to make this a successful event.

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