Brian Browne

Brian-Browne-bioBrian Browne MS, has over 15-years of experience working in research and education.  He currently is the director of Education and Outreach at Banner Research where he establishes productive partnerships with local academic institutions, businesses, and community and government leaders and initiates innovative education and outreach programs and joint ventures.

Under Mr. Browne’s leadership the administration and implementation of education at Banner Research is conducted, ranging from high school students to post-doctoral fellows. The goal is to educate, train and inspire the next generation of researchers and physicians.  The award winning Banner Research Summer Internship Program highlights educational excellence at Banner Research.

Mr. Browne serves as an advisor for career and technical education for two local Phoenix school districts and also serves on the leadership council for the Alzheimer’s Association, the Arizona Alzheimer’s Consortium and the board of The Arizona Foundation for Eye Health.