Banner / Taiwan Research Program

International Research Program

International Research Program with Taiwan

This research program is the first international program for Banner as this program was available for US participants only. A total of 10 postgraduate (including post-doc, medical doctors, graduate students) and undergraduate students may attend the Banner Research program, and each will stay for at least 6 months. The program will be administered by Banner Research, AZ-TW Society of Technology, and National Taiwan University.

Program Detail

This research program is from August 2014 to January/February 2015.

This research program offers top-achieving and highly motivated science researchers the opportunity to work and learn with nationally renowned physicians and researchers. To inspire participants to not only embrace science and/or medicine as a career choice, but also to encourage them to continue scientific studies throughout their academic careers.

During the program, each participants will spend months working in one of the Banner Research laboratories. The Institute’s research focuses on diseases such as Alzheimer’s, and Parkinson’s.

This research program will include hands-on instruction in basic scientific techniques such as solution preparation, pipetting, microscopy, centrifugation, cell culture, and experimental design and statistical analysis. Some participants will run imaging data analysis for PET data, MRI data or functional MRI data by using the latest imaging processing packages such as SPM, free surfer, etc.  These techniques will be taught in the context of the participants’ participation in ongoing, high-level experiments  conducted by the Institute’s faculty. The participants will be required to undergo basic lab and chemical safety training, and attend weekly seminars given by the Banner Research scientists

The qualified and selected participants from Taiwan will be conducting the research within the following programs.

  • Alzheimer (and Parkinson) – Sun City
  • Basic research – Sun City
  • Computational imaging – Downtown Phoenix

Qualification Requirements

  • Downlaod full qualification requirement for Alzheimer / Basic research research in Sun City
  • Download full qualification requirement for Computational imaging research in Downtown Phoenix

How To Apply

  • Applicant should submit their application to National Taiwan University (NTU) in Taipei, Taiwan.

Arrive in Arizona

Once participants is qualified and selected, participants will arrange their travel itinerary and contact AZ-TW for air-port pickup and housing assistant.


About Banner Research

Banner Research (full name Banner Sun Health Research Institute) is a part of Banner Health. Banner Health operates 23 hospitals and it is 2nd larges employer in Arizona. In 2010, it has assets of $6.4B, and revenue of $4.9B.

  • Banner is well known for Alzheimer research performed by L. J. Roberts Center for Alzheimer’s Research.
  • 2010 and 2011 Arizona’s Most Admired Companies.
  • 2009, Top 100 Hospitals to work for.
  • Banner Good Samaritan Medical Center is the flagship facility of Banner Health

Banner Research Team

  • Paul Coleman, Ph.D. – Director & Senior Scientist
  • Mohamed Gaballa, Ph.D. – Director & Senior Scientist
  • Marwan Sabbagh, MD – Research Medical Director & Senior Scientist
  • Holly Shill, MD – Director
  • Walter Nieri, MD – Director
  • Alex Roher, MD, Ph.D. – Director & Senior Scientist
  • Lih-Fen Lue, Ph.D. – Director & Senior Scientist
  • Douglas Walker, Ph.D. – Director & Senior Scientist
  • Tom Beach, MD, Ph.D. – Director & Senior Scientist
  • Sandra Jacobson – Research Physician
  • Christine Belden, PsyD – Director of Neuropsychology
  • Salvatore Oddo, Ph.D. — Senior Scientist
  • Sara Dhanani, MD – Research Physician
  • Kewei Chen, Ph.D. – Senior Scientist