AZ-TW Society of Technology Visited Banner Research Facility

On Friday Feb. 21, 2014, AZ-TW representatives Ms. Angela Yin Cesal, Dr. Wei-Tek Tsai, and Ms. Wendy Karahalios visited Banner Research COO Cynthia Guinn and Mr. Brian Browne at Sun City. Each party expressed their support for the Banner-Taiwan research program and discussed potential future projects.

After the meeting, Mr. Brian Browne showed the Banner Memorial Brain Bank to AZ-TW representatives. He first brought the team to the storage room with refrigerators that store brain tissues at temperature -80F, then to the laboratory where Banner scientists worked on brain tissues. Finally he then showed a brain tissue to illustrate Alzheimer diseases. Banner Research has the largest brain tissue bank in the world with large amount of data for scientists to perform research.


Wendy, Angela, Cynthia, and Brian Browne in Cynthia’s office.

2014年2月21日星期五,台亞科技交流學會主席 尹衍桓女士,在蔡维德教授和王瑞瑾理事陪同下,拜訪了Banner Research的首席營運長Cynthia Guinn 和Mr. Brian Browne。 雙方互表支持Banner與台灣研究合作的計畫,更進一步的討論了未來更多合作計畫的可能。

會議後,Mr. Brian Browne帶台亞科技交流學會的代表參觀 Banner 大腦組織存放銀行。先參觀存放大腦組織的冰箱儲藏室 (温度 -80F),再去了Banner進行研究腦組織的實驗室,最後他藉由一個腦組織向代表們 解釋了阿茲海默病。 Banner 擁有全世界最大量的大腦組織存放銀行可供科學家進行研究.


A picture of a brain tissue with Alzheimer diseases.


Ms. Angela Yin Cesal at the front door of the Brain Bank at Banner Research.


This is a refrigerator in the Banner Memorial Brain Bank. It showed that the temperature is -78F. Banner has determined that the optimal temperature to store brain tissue is -80F.

IMG_20140221_114619 (1)

The Brain Bank Storage room, each site has six refrigerators.


Brian Browne showed a brain with Alzheimer diseases to Angela and Wendy.


Brian Browne showed a brain with Alzheimer diseases to Angela and Wendy.