AZ-TW Visited Tunghai University

AZ-TW Vice Chair Wei-Tek Tsai and Prof. Hong Young of National Taiwan University visited Tunghai University (THU) on Dec. 12, 2013 at TaiChuang. Both were greeted by President Tang of THU 湯銘哲校長, Vice President Chao of THU 巢志成副校長, Dean of Research Dr. Tsay 研發長蔡瑞明教授, and other faculty members of THU for AZ-TW collaboration.

On the same day in the evening, Vice President Chao 巢志成副校長also met AZ-TW Chair Angela Yin Cesal at New Taipei City 新北市 in the evening of Dec. 12, 2013. THU expressed their interest in working with Arizona and may visit Arizona in 2014 to firm up collaboration plan.

TungHai University
Left #4: Vice President Chao巢志成副校長(Tunghai University), left #5: Prof. Hong Young(National Taiwan University), left #6: AZ-TW Vice Chair Dr. Tsai, left #6: President Tang 湯銘哲校長(Tunghai University), left #8: Dean of Research Dr. Tsay 研發長蔡瑞明教授(Tunghai University).