ASU President Meeting with The President of Taiwan

The Arizona State University (ASU) delegation consisting of President Michael Crow, Vice Provost Denis Simon, and AZ-TW Society of Technology Chair Ms. Angela Yin Cesal visited Taiwan in March 2013. On April 1, 2013, the delegation paid a formal visit to President Ying-Jeou Ma at the Presidential Palace in Taipei with the Minister of Education Dr. Wei-Ling Chiang.

ASU Taiwan President ASU Taiwan President

ASU Taiwan President ASU Taiwan President

This ASU delegation expedition was arranged by National Science Council of the Republic of China, Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Los Angeles, and AZ-TW Society of Technology in Phoenix. During the trip, President Michael Crow received an honorable Ph.D. degree from National Central University in recognition of his outstanding achievements in bringing ASU into prominence when it became one of top 20 public universities in the U.S.

During the Presidential meeting on April 1, 2013, President Ying-Jeou Ma expressed his admiration of the achievements of President Crow at ASU, and he also acknowledged the contribution of Ms. Cesal in assisting in establishment of a formal relation between National Central University and ASU as sister universities.

After knowing that President Crow would leave Taiwan later in the afternoon, President Ma requested the Minister of Education Dr. Chiang to arrange a lunch meeting immediately and invite as many presidents of Taiwan universities to see President Crow.

With a short notice, more than 20 presidents arrived at the lunch meeting, and they asked many questions, and President Crow addressed each in detail. As he was busy in sharing his experience and knowledge, he had only a cup of Coke during the session. This dedication in helping Taiwan education was noticed and greatly appreciated by all the attending university presidents and Ms. Cesal, Chair of AZ-TW Society of Technology.

On the way to the airport,  Ms. Cesal said to President Crow “although you were treated to only a cup of cola during the lunch meeting, please allow me to express our most sincere respect of you on behalf of our young students on Taiwan. We will always remember the friendship of this cup of cola.

After establishing the formal relationship with National Central University, ASU plans to establish a formal relationship with two additional universities in Taiwan.

亞省州大(Arizona State University or ASU)校長Michael Crow,副校長Denis Simon及台亞科技交流學會理事長尹衍桓等一行在教育部長蔣偉寧陪同下,於四月一日上午九時在總統府晉見馬英九總統。

這次透過國科會,洛杉磯台北經文處與台亞科技交流學會的安排,台湾中央大學頒發榮譽博士學位給Michael Crow,表彰他在學術研究與辦學經驗的成功,讓亞省州大從一個默默無名的大學變成全美最優前20的公立名校。

馬英九總統在接見代表團時,表示對Michael Crow在短短時間内讓一個大學脱胎換骨轉換成一個名校表達了敬意,也對尹衍桓理事長促成與中央大學締結姊妹校表示嘉許。

馬英九總統希望台灣所有大學都能借重Michael Crow的辦學經驗,在得知Michael Crow將搭飛機當日下午離台,特别吩咐教育部長蔣偉寧中午設宴款待,並通知臺灣大學等廿餘所大學校長出席。全程Michael Crow都在回答問题,除了一杯可樂,一口未進食。

會後在趕赴機場途中,尹衍桓向Michael Crow表示,今天的午餐只能以一杯可樂招待你,但請你接受我代表全臺灣的年輕學生向你表達最誠摯的敬意,一杯可樂的感情將永遠留在臺灣。



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