ASU / NCU Sister University Signing Ceremony

ASU National Central University Signing Ceremony

On March 31st, 2013, Arizona State University and Taiwan’s National Central University officially formed sister university, the agreement was signed by both presidents, Dr. Michael Crow and Dr. Jin-Yang Jou, respectively.

This is the first of three Taiwan’s universities ASU is seeking to form sister universities, the other two, National Taiwan University and National Tsinghua University are expected to follow suit for signing soon.

Ms. Angela Yin Cesal, Chair of Taiwan-Arizona Society of Technology, expressed her deep appreciation to both of Director General Ambassador Mr. Chung-chen Kung, and Director Dr. Richard Y C Chang of Science and Technology Division, Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Los Angeles, for their assistance and support. Ms. Angela Yin Cesal promises that for any future science and technology exchanges between Taiwan and Arizona, AZ-TW Society of Technology will play an active and positive role.

Ms. Angela Yin Cesal is a current member of ASU Foundation Board of Directors. She accompanies the visiting ASU delegation for its entire trip in Taiwan. The delegation is scheduled to call on President Ma Ying-jeou on April 1st. Ms. Cesal said that a Taiwan delegation consisting of high-ranking officials and technology leaders will visit the U.S. in Fall 2013, and their first destination will be Phoenix, Arizona where ASU is located.

亞歷桑那州立大學(ASU)與台灣中央大學(National Central University)於三月卅一日在台北由双方校長Dr. Michael Crow和周景揚博士正式簽約締結為姊妹大學。




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