2013 Symposium on Technology for the Future

2013 Symposium on Technology for the Future
AZ-TW Society Of Technology is conducting the first science and technology conference in September, 2013. Please see the following agenda and apply for the conference. The seating is limited.

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Event: Symposium on Technology for the Future event is sponsored by Arizona State University, National Science Council, and AZ-TW Society of Technology.

Date: 9/14/2013

Dress Code: Business Formal

Forum Location: 8:00am – 4:00pm at ASU Foundation, 300 E. University Drive, Tempe, AZ 85281-2033 (see map below)

Banquet Location: 6:00pm – 10:00pm at Paradise Valley Country Club, 7101 N Tatum Blvd  Paradise Valley, AZ 85253 (See map below)

Event Detail:
Technologies have changed the world many times before. Technologies such as radio, TV, transportation, antibiotics, DNA, personal computers, mobile computing, cloud computing, Big Data, and personalized medicine have changed the world. These technologies have significantly improved the quality of live and created significant wealth of participants. But what will the next technologies that will change the world in the future?

This symposium will facilitate research scientists and business leaders from Taiwan and Arizona to discuss and present their views and visions of the future. The goal is to create a platform so that people from Taiwan and people from Arizona can work together on new research projects, and to create joint business ventures. Arizona has many outstanding research and business programs such as sustainability, and Taiwan is well known for its technology innovation and business acumen.

The goal of this event is to establish several large and long-term projects between Taiwan and Arizona.

Honorary Chairs:

Invited Speakers

Executive Committee


  • 7:45 –   8:30: Breakfast
  • 8:30 –  8:35: Dr. Wei-Tek Tsai (ASU, AZ-TW)
  • 8:35 –   8:45: Ms. Angela Yin Cesal (AZ-TW)
  • 8:45 –   8:55: Mr. Richard Chang (NSC)
  • 8:55 –   9:25: Mr. Matt Thraen (ITEC/Honeywell) : Introduction to International Turbine Engine Company
  • 9:25 –   9:55: Mr. Randal Schulhauser (Medtronic) : Implantable Medical Electronics – Ready to Jump to the 3rd S-Curve?
  • 9:55 – 10:10: Dr. R.F. Shangraw, Jr. (ASU Foundation)
  • 10:10 – 10:40: Dr. Jin-Yang Jou (NCU) : Introduction of NCU – a Rising University
  • 10:40 – 11:10: Dr. Bahram Jalali (UCLA) : Cells as Bits: Biomedical Diagnostics Inspired by Data Communication Techniques
  • 11:10 – 11:40: Mr. Brian Browne (Banner Research) : Innovation in Action
  • 12:00 – 13:00: Lunch
  • 13:00 – 13:05: Mr. Michael Lin (Medtronic)
  • 13:05 – 13:35: Dr. Hong Young (NTU) : Introduction to Central TaiwanScience Park (CTSP) at Irlin Site / Dr. Mike Yang (PSI) : Enhancement of Through Silicon Via (TSV) Sidewall Quality for 3D IC Applications
  • 13:35 – 14:05: Dr. Gary Dirks (LightWorks) : GIOS and LightWorks at ASU
  • 14:05 – 14:35: Mr. Ren-Young Liu (NARLabs) : An International Collaboration Space Program between Taiwan and the US
  • 14:35 – 15:05: Mr. Henry Hung (Optilab) : Collaborative Technology Development between International Parties
  • 15:05 – 15:35: Dr. Henk De Waard (NanoVoltaics) : Opportunities in Algae & Nanoporous-Materials : Perspectives from a Technology Start-Up
  • 15:35 – 16:00: Dr. Marco Santello
  • 16:00: Closing
  • 18:00: Banquet hosted by AZ-TW at Paradise Valley Country Club

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